Phoenix Rises

The phoenix is probably one of my favorite mythical creatures. I can not say it is my top favorite because the mermaid is still number one in my book. In life we can see examples of phoenix everywhere. I admit probably not the bird you have pictured in your mind’s eye, but a rising from the ashes if you will of someone or something. A person who comes back from the brink of death perhaps, or the person you know who under terrible strain overcomes something most thought insurmountable. Nature in its own right can be a phoenix. Fires that rage and eat forests reducing them to ashes, lay the groundwork for nature to be reborn. Perhaps the thing I like the most about the phoenix is this symbolic creature can represent anything but the message always remains the same ” From the ashes I will rise. ”

Phoenix Rises

Grey ash floats to the floor

The once brilliant colors

Have faded into dullness

Wilting and weak

Sad eyes reflect tragedy

One last effort produces

A brilliant spark of light

Slate molts to charcoal black

Charred ashes gather

Collecting in neat piles

A gentle refreshing breeze

Starts to blow–

Specks carried on the air

Begin to change

Black ash turns to white

Whirling in funnels 

A miniature tornado

White dots form an oval

Producing a shiny egg

Out of darkness comes

A pillar of strength

The translucent orb vibrates

Forcing a zig zag crack

Between the fracture

A tiny beak emerges

Forcefully it pushes through

With brilliant turquoise eyes

A head of iridescent shades

Red, rose, orange, feathers

Drape her frame

A glint of gold shines in the light

Blue talons with onyx scales

She is a rare beauty

Forged from fire and ash

Once more she is reborn

But never the same as before.


Copyright. Phoenix Rises.



Hope Poem


Concrete walls with spiraling wire
High perimeters guarding her
Fortress of strength
A woman’s defense
Encasing the shards
Protecting a fragmented heart

Burned tissue with eroded holes
Scars covering a wounded soul
Slowing beating wanting more
But the jailor remembers
Whispering in the night

Her jailor tells her to guard
Covet and protect us
In the darkness voices are heard
Remember the dreams we had?
Remember the plans we made?

Plans of girlish fantasy
Girlish dreams of dresses and dances
Flighty love and long romances
Once her heart longed for them all
But age and heartache came

After each of those losses
Walls were built
After every failure
Another wing was added
Sharp glistening metal
Encasing her heart

The loud thunder that once was
Has been muffled to a soft echo
The thrum of beating has slowed
Lights have dimmed
The guard at the door has left

Until a loud knock was heard
Sounds bellowed through the tomb
The heart began to beat once more
A slow steady thud of a hopeful heart

Written for me by me. Copyright. Phoenix Rises.

Blank Poem


She was an image of beauty
The singing bird
A freshly bloomed flower
Her eyes full of earnest
Her heart pure
Everything she should be

When opening the envelope
Peeling back the skin
She is a broken one
A wounded soul
Full of festering disappointments
She feels rotten inside

A bit of highlights here
A contour of color there
Shadows and lines
An ever changing disguise
She is a constant chameleon

Her foe is a shiny surface
It mocks her with its presence
Stalking her at every turn
Blue eyes and her enemy meet
Truth is hard to digest

She quickly glances away fearful
Barely knowing herself
Silently she whispers
Who am I supposed to be?
Telepathically her twin answers
You are undone
Just a sketch
Of the portrait you could be.

imageWritten by me and for me.

Copyright. Phoenix Rises.

My Trinity

imageEven though living in the northeast has made me skeptical of spring I was happy to see the sun this past weekend. Easter is usually when we see more sun and warmer weather but this year it has been slow coming. This time of year has always been a time of renewal for me. The chance to get my flower beds in order and clean up the yard. The frequent cold weather and dreary days have put a damper on my spirits.

Perhaps it is only circumstantial but my health hasn’t been the best either. I have been battling for a little over two years now an auto immune disorder. When I get flare ups it takes several days sometimes weeks for me to feel like myself again. My health was always something I took pride in. I was always working out and living a health lifestyle. The strict regime and diet they have me on often makes me so exhausted that the idea of working out seems impossible. It is a hard thing to have to relearn how to be yourself again. I am in mourning for my old self, that’s the only way I can describe it. I keep thinking I am going to wake up one day and things will be the way they once were.

imageOnly a few things besides sleep have helped make me feel better. I was lucky this past holiday weekend to experience those elements that make the days bearable. Family has always been one of the elements that allows me some comfort especially when I get to go out and enjoy their company. Another, is my cats. I live in an apartment that doesn’t allow pets so my cats live with my mom. When I go home and see them it helps me feel alive again. They always come and sit with me, purr in my lap, and look at me with their beautiful gold eyes. Sometimes the look they give me is a knowing one, their eyes say “mom we know you don’t feel well.” It is these times that they help me the most. They follow me around and watch me anxiously waiting for me to go sit so they can come sit next to me. The minute I sit on the couch they are there laying near me trying to say in their own way “things will get better.”

imageThe last and final thing that has helped me is the beach. I can think of thousands of times I have gone to the beach for one reason or another and all of them have been because I needed time to regroup. This weekend I was able to get out and go to the beach. I stood on the jetty and let the wind blow through me. The constant and never changing water that leaves and returns from the shore. The water that splashes and sends spray into the air always leaves me mystified. The air smells and feels different at the beach a pure untainted smell. It has been these things that have helped me get by. I long for the day when I can be more like myself again, my resurrection. Until that day comes I’m going to hold on to my trinity and try and get through the day.