Bits and pieces

Something I discovered during my adolecence and adult years is I am a pack rat. Some examples of this can be seen in the dozens of old cards I have recieced from family over the years, boxes of photos, even numerous ticket stubs in my purse. But, fear not my friends I found the perfect outlet for my “collections,” scrapbooking. Scrapbooking is an awesome theraputic experience not only creatively, but my purse thanks me too! I enjoy using many mediums for my scrapbook, paper, stickers, fabric, ribbon, and paint to name a few. As fall has finally arrived and the nights seem to get shorter I have returned to scrapbooking.

Since Halloween is just around the corner I have started making a backdrop for my Halloween page, and wanted to share it with you!

I used: Black paper, Acrylic paint ( black, white, grey, orange, yellow and a dark green), Stickers, photo

I usually start with a basic wavy paint outline in a lighter color( for this one its grey). I then make it wavy all the way to the bottom of the page and then add black to some forest green to make the highlight color for the dark grass.


Then I  add more white to black paint to make a lighter grey and start making thin oval loops. These oval loops work great for clouds. They don’t have to be even since clouds in nature are not.


Then make a space in between the clouds and paint two half circles in a bright yellow or orange – yellow color. Once it dries make two small loops over the moon to add to the spooky effect for a Halloween backdrop.

Once your back drop is dry you can start to add your embelishments like stickers, pictures etc.imageScary picture

I hope you enjoyed my how-to guide and I hope the pictures were helpful for your own scrapbook pages.♥


For the Love of Fall

NH Tree Fall is my favorite season because of all it represents. It is the final show of color for the year, and in my opinion the most beautiful. Fall means not sweating when you walk outside your door. As a girl whose family is from Ireland I feel a sense of relief when the sun doesn’t burn me to a crisp. Fall means football, comfort food, and comfortable clothing. I love my sweaters and jeans with soft fuzzy socks. The various boots in my closet come out from their hiding places and hit the streets with me as I take foliage pictures. I love walking down a sidewalk with a nice cup of hot chocolate or a salted mocha latte in hand. I love the smell of wood stoves burning and the crackle as the fire slowly eats at the wood inside. I love curling up with a good book by the fire and feeling completely at peace.

I love how the fall air smells. The change is subtle but once I smell it in the air, my heart says “at last.” Fall always returns to me like a devoted friend and I love the memories it brings. The fall season has always brought my family together. My family is filled with fall birthdays, yours truly included.  We as a family used to get together and celebrate all at once. The night walks in the fall means crunching through the leaves. The wind that blows them creates a soft whisper and rustle, which to me is one of the best sounds. The way the fall wind sweeps up leaves into a mini tornado on the ground used to fascinate me as a child. I used to think it was a leprechaun getting ready to show itself to me. Fall    inspires mystery and intrigue, which is why it is perfect for Halloween.  Pumpkins

 As you might have guessed Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. It is the only holiday that encourages you to be someone else. Plus those mini candies you can buy in bulk around Halloween add a nice ending to any meal. Fall means carving pumpkins and scooping all the guts out. Then picking through the innards, extracting the seeds and baking them for a crunchy snack. Fall food brings about all those sensory memories. I love the smell of Apple and Pumpkin pie, and mom’s homemade Baked French toast on Thanksgiving morning. The scent of pumpkin, nutmeg and vanilla embrace me like a warm hug. Which explains why all year I have candles burning in these scents.

Fall is an ironic season, it is the symbol of the end. But, leaves turn their most brilliant right before falling off to die, as if mother-nature knows this is her final curtain call for the year. Fall is proof that mother-nature is a true phoenix. She will rise from the ashes of fallen leaves and spring will come. The arrival of spring brings new growth and the promise of new beginnings once more.♥