About Me

Hello, my name is Kaitlin but everyone calls me Kat, I am freckled-faced thirty-something and this year has been full of transitions. The art of expression through writing has always been very therapeutic for me. It started out as poetry and short stories to pass the time but then as I got older my writing started to become something more. I was an editor for the newsletter at my previous job, and I also worked on the literary magazine at my college.

My passion began in the early stages of my childhood and was nourished by my talented and creative grandmother. She would write and illustrate her own stories and then read them to me. I remember sitting on her old worn sofa, listening to her voice as she read stories that were so descriptive no pictures were necessary. She enriched me with classics like Alfred Lord Tennyson, Jane Austin, Edgar Allan Poe, Emily Dickinson, and T.S. Eliot among others.

These rock stars of literature have guided and educated me in writing styles and techniques. Every author has their own unique signature or mark and my hope is that eventually, I can perfect mine. I draw a lot of my inspiration from my family, experiences, travel, pictures, and music. I have found that music is very effective for me to break through any writing block I may be experiencing. My tastes in music are vast. I enjoy music from classical songs to metal and everything in between.

So why now? As my philosophy teacher in college would say why not? My goal with this blog is to finally have a place to flex my creative muscle and in the process enhance it. I am looking forward to the challenge of writing again. My hope is that I can meet some great people along the way who share common interests.

Turtle SandboxEven if my musings are only appreciated by me it would be a step in the right direction. At the moment it will be a lifestyle blog but as I have only started my metamorphosis anything can happen. As my grandmother used to say ” write it down now or you’ll wish you had later.” The truth of her words like most things in life became real only after it was too late for me to thank her.

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