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My picks – Best beauty products

Recently I had searched and looked into many of my beauty products and discovered that quite a few tested on animals which killed me. I told my husband that from now on I wanted to be more conscious of the products I was buying and if they tested on animals. I have compiled a few of the products that I love and they don’t test on animals which is great.

Best Witch Hazel Astringent 

FF95D68F-713B-4BF9-A624-8714E28B617EI love Dickinson’s, Witch Hazel Deep Cleaning Astringent. It gets all of my makeup off, it is cleans my pores beautifully.
I have an oily complexion and this stuff helps keep my oil production at bay and leaves my face with a cool refreshing feeling. They are environmentally friendly and they never test on animals!


Best Eyeshadow 

I have sensitive skin in general so finding eye makeup that doesn’t make my eyes itchy or irritated has been a challenge. I also wear contact lenses so that has also made me mindful of what I am putting on and around my eyes.  My pick for eyeshadow is Pacifica eyeshadows. 13DA794C-C1AD-46E2-B661-0A1F9B112F8C  I love the colors that they offer and they have not caused me any eye irritation or issues. Pacifica is vegan and cruelty-free and they offer a great recycling program for their products. You can request return labels from the website and they will send you a pre-paid label and take your empty tubes and recycle them for you!



Best Mascara and Lip Balm

It should be no surprise that for mascara I love Pacifica Stellar Gaze. It gives me great volume and I love how long my eyelashes look with it on. 518766C6-3A76-46AB-9EEE-0C052D59D754Being fair skinned and freckle-faced selecting lip colors, in general, is often trial and error. I love Burt’s Bees tinted lip balm because it gives me the benefits of a balm with the hint of color.



Best Powder Foundation

The last product and the one that is the newest in my collection is Burt’s Bees powder foundation. I have sensitive skin and an oily face at times. This powder does a great job mattifying my face and has not caused me any irritation.

e6af6f41-ed24-491a-8e37-f12b4d819c82I hope that if and when you try these products you have as much success as I have. I plan on continuing to be more conscious of my choices and selecting products for myself and my family that represent the values that I hold dear.

***Disclaimer** I did not receive any payment from any of these companies for my review. The statements made are of my own experiences.


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