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New Year New Mindset

As this year comes to a close, I am reminded of all the things that have transpired during 2018. 2018 was a volatile year not only for our country but for myself and my husband as well. While wedding planning, and hoping to have the wedding of my dreams, my betrothed lost his job suddenly. It hurt us not only financially, but emotionally, and mentally. We both struggled to get into a better mindset to tackle the problems that we faced. Grandma Kay

I would remember some of the conversations that my grandmother and I had when I was younger. She had grown up during the great depression and had a very authentic view of the world. She used to say “no matter what hardship you face the actions that people will take note of and notice are the ones that show courage.” My husband and I thankfully made it through, ended up moving to a more affordable place, got new jobs and of course we got married! But, now that we have reached one of the last days in 2018 I look to the future and wonder what it will hold for us. I remember something my grandmother used to use to change my point of view, and she unknowingly inspired me to look at the New Year with a new frame of mind.

My grandmother used to always say when I would ask her “does this shirt go with these pants?” She would give me this look and then motion out the window with her hand ” look out into the garden, do you see those colors next to each other in the garden?” I would look and say “Yes grandma I do!” She would smile and say ” well if its good enough for mother nature it should be good enough for you!”

This old adage can be applied to a variety of things that we face throughout the day. Variety is the spice of life and having a combination of people, religions, art, and colors surrounidng us are what makes life so amazing and worth living. I remember visiting The Metropolitan Art Museum in New York, and my mom and I looked at a beautiful mosaic. The mosaic was filled with so many different colors and shapes, and I was absolutely stunned by it. Unlike previous years where I decided I wanted to learn a new hobby, or spend more time with my friends in family. My new mindset for 2019 is this, embracing the beauty around me and taking a moment to pause and enjoy it. If its good enough for mother nature its good enough for me! I hope everyone has a happy and healthy start to 2019!

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