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Christmas Prelude Sojourn

My mom and I set out two weeks ago on our annual Christmas prelude trip to Kennebunk Maine. If you have never been to Maine for the Christmas Prelude festivities I highly recommend it. The town is decorated to the nines with Christmas flare. Bows and bells adorn windows and doors, the smell of freshly cut Christmas trees hangs in the air. As you walk down the sidewalks you feel as if you entered a Hallmark movie, except in this one you get to select the plot. They have dozens of activities each day that are fun for the whole family.


On the day this picture was taken we had just arrived and were walking down the sidewalk to visit some shops for Christmas presents. Every year we come we stop is this coffee shop called Mornings in Paris first to get something warm to drink. I got the French hot chocolate this time, and it was like chocolate lava cake in a cup. It was so rich and delicious. Mom got herself a hot chai latte, and we set off on our shopping adventure.

We ended up visiting a good portion of the unique shops that line the streets in town and stopped to stare at the beautiful Christmas tree in the center decorated with buoys. We then hurried back to our hotel to pack everything away and get ready for our nighttime ride.

Our golden chariot ride was originally used for sightseeing in Montreal, Canada. It rides on the train tracks, and as we were zipping through the forest it reminded me of a modern-day sleigh ride. It was very cold so I was glad I had my hat and gloves. When the ride was over, we were invited back to eat snacks and warm up in the Trolley Museum.  It was something that I am glad that I was able to experience. IMG_7054

Next year we hope we can get tickets for some of the other exciting festivities that they have scheduled. We always have a great time when we go, but this time was more fun because we had an extra day to enjoy the activities. This is something that my mom and I look forward to every year, and as my mom gets older I know that the memories we make together will be treasured forever. We will see you next year Maine!

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