My Loves

Devil Came to Tea Poem

The devil came on a passer by

I invited him in for tea

He said the choice is yours

The choice for what?

To come follow me

If the world has been cruel and the future bleak

Then perhaps what I offer you can seek

With a spry smile and a twitch of his lips

He announced why I may enlist

For every hardship that has broken your soul

I will give you the tools to take control

If ever the garden flowers wilted to you

I will provide forever warmth and comfort for you

If ever the hearts of others have left a scar

I will show you how to truly mar

If the truths others have spoken, made you a fool

I will lead you to a drowning pool

If the nights are dark and full of sorrow

I will speed it up to tomorrow

But devil surely payment would be due?

His pigment bright and full of flush

He laughed loudly as if it was too much

Oh child what I ask is simple you see

Just follow my instructions to the T

When a kind person greets you

Turn yourself away

When the world needs you

Go off on your own and play

If a loving heart does touch you

Burn it slow and deep

For those sentiments are weak

If a truthful word be spoken

Twist those yarns into lies

If a caring touch reaches you

Learn to despise

And if an angel comes calling

Turn that fellow out

For what else can he talk to you about?

But sir wouldn’t that be…

Exactly what they did to me?

With a raging voice and a glittering eye

He sneered over his tea

If you didn’t want my help why did you call?

I didn’t sir, not at all

Oh but you did my girl once or twice

Your broken heart did yell

When you became jaded as you fell

the doubting doubters that spread doubt to you

That’s when it lit a candle in my window

And I began to take an interest in you

I followed you though every despair

I saw your sadness felt it spread

I could see the darkness smother

That’s when I knew I may have another

With a look of shock and slightly dismayed

I declined the offer he had made

With a frustrated air he sighed

Very well child but have a care

For the next time we meet it will not be this fair

If the sun goes down and you are sad

Find happiness and a way to be glad

If the coldness of the world harms

Find your own way to stay warm

If the words of people injure and tear

Find a way to cope and bear

If he breaks your heart

If they steal your hope

If you fail and fall

Stay strong and true through it all

For I will be waiting and watching

Because didn’t I mention?

I’m hoping to add you to my collection. 

Written for me by me. Copyright. Phoenix Rises.

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