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Diary Entry 101

A book I have always related to is Bridget Jones’s Diary. So here’s my version.
A Hypothetical Diary Entry:

Coffees: 2
Making Situations awkward: 7
Brushed my frizzy hair today: check
Hair looks like Ronald McDonald now: check  Number of cats: 1 for now 

As a dating 30 something the outside world can be merciless and cruel. I feel like at this stage in the game when you start dating someone you have to put into perspective quickly if that person is worth the time. Bluntly put, is this someone I can wake up next to for the rest of my life? Or is this a fling where we both are dating someone so we don’t go to our friends’ weddings alone?

Case in point family functions. I dread them. I am the only one who is of marital age who isn’t married. I am either in between dating someone or rolling stag again. Then the questions start to flood. What are you doing now? Seeing anyone? I am doing the same thing I was doing last time you saw me. Then comes the barrage of unwanted advice. ” You need to meet a nice boy, maybe I can introduce you to someone?” Or there’s the ” a friend of mine’s daughter met a really nice boy online.” If I could crawl under the plate of steak and rice pilaf I would. I start to push the rice into thin lines on my plate hoping that organization will help drown out the conversation. This proves ineffective. The conversation usually ends with me being told I “need direction” and I usually want to get out of there before dessert.

If that wasn’t enough then you have your blissfully married friends complaining to you about not starting a family. Texts like “I want to start a family but he said he doesn’t think he is ready yet.” Well at least he married you and is honest. They make comments like “wouldn’t this look cute in a nursery?” Yes. Yes it would look nice in one, but that is far and away from where I am right now. I am starting to wonder if that large abandoned farm with a bunch of cats and bunny slippers is in my future.

Then there is social media. My newsfeed is continuously flooded with photos of engagements, baby ultra sounds, and wedding anniversary updates. Friends post pictures from their beautiful weddings and honeymoons. Then the babies in bonnets with cute expressions, it’s enough to make you think your in a virtual baby calendar. I wish everyone well of course, but I wonder what the heck am I doing wrong? How did I fall so far from the mark?



A few hours later…

Not sure if the wine helped or the chocolate covered pretzels but I am feeling uplifted. I am fine..everything is good. It’s the little things that matter. Although…my hair still looks a wreck.


These images I found while on Pinterest on a tumblr. If these images are copyrighted and the owners would like me to take them down message me and I will.

4 thoughts on “Diary Entry 101

  1. Coming from the men’s perspective you aren’t alone. I don’t even introduce the girls I date to the family anymore. I just assume that the next time I see my family, they will ask and it will be over. So this saves me from having to explain to them why it didn’t work this time. Or to hear the comments you spoke about in your essay. Here’s to 35… woohoo.


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