My Loves

My Mermaid Heart Poem

This poem I have revisited several times over the past few months. The meaning is just as strong to me as it was when I first wrote it. I hope you enjoy it.

Mermaid Heart

Hidden dangers scatter my path

Cobbled stones filled with wrath

But I see the diamonds that glitter there

One is loose, one in a snare

Silence is the keeper of all dreams

Passion is the breaker of many things

But two locks always seem to find

The keys have run away with their minds

And who’s ship did I see go down?

The bust of maiden has run aground

I pillage it till it lays vacant inside

Organizing treasures as if I died

Once the sea starts turning its gown

Then my quiet heart is found

For all the oceans gifts to me

Start to fill their vacancy

I swim just under the wave

A hint of hair a hint of fin

Tumbling down, over, and in

The cobalt blue blends with black

And driftwood always floats on its back

But, it’s been awhile since I frolicked there

I can still smell the sea on my skin

The roar of the ocean that drowns out the din

My hair collects in tangles with the air

But I smile without a care

I gave it all up for my heart’s love

Love as gentle and soft as a dove

But, when it became turbulent

And my heart turned black as pitch

I longed for the sea

And wished I could switch

So here I stand in between two paths

Having trouble with forward

But can’t go back

But whoever said

That a mermaid’s heart is callow

Never swam the depths of my hollow

Never felt the sea-foam rush through their soul

And never has known me as a whole.


Written for me by me. Copyright. Phoenix Rises.


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