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How do I plan my blog post?

A good friend of mine asked me last week how do you plan a post for your blog? In the beginning when I started this journey I would try and write on the fly. I picked a topic out of my head at random and posted based on that topic. I would say this came with mixed results. Now that I have been posting for some time now, a tool that helps me is my chart and my Happy Planner.

I know that they have fancy charts online to use but I have been using a simple chart I made myself in Word. It is something I used when I was in college and I found it useful for my writing. The chart is like a web or a spider with the center circle being the main topic. Then each line coming off of the middle another topic or subject goes in the attached shape in this case a circle. I have simplified this one but any number of subcategories or shapes can be added.



I love my Happy Planner. When I started writing I was using a regular agenda book, and although it was okay, the space wasn’t enough for my taste. Happy Planner is great for me because of all of the areas it allows me to write in ideas or topics for my blog. It is like a regular planner with a calendar, but it allows you to put in inserts for notes, graphs, pictures etc. I am a very visual person so when I am out I add little inspirational quotes to keep my mind open to new ideas.


I think the most challenging part of blogging is staying true to your goal you set for yourself. I have really seen my progress throughout this process. I feel that I have grown not only as a person but as a writer. I am excited to continue along this path and see where I end up.
Disclaimer: I am not receiving any payment from Happy Planner. I just enjoy using this journal and I am excited to share my success with others. If you are interested in the Happy Planner there are plenty of photos on Pinterest to look at for ideas.






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