My Loves

North Country

I had an awesome weekend. I always enjoy making the trip up north. The smell of the fresh air, the scenery and the feeling of discovery. We made our way up early Sunday morning and as we drove I felt such a sense of relief. Work has been very busy and stressful and the calm tranquility of the drive was a welcome change.

We passed by beautiful rushing streams and lakes and as we slowly climbed we saw chains of mountains. The mountains had beautiful colors with mist circling like halos. The small winding streets made each mountain dwarf our car. As we approached our home for the next two days I started to get really excited. The view from our condo villa would be well worth the wait.

We had passed through the quant little town of North Conway and on the way we had remarked about how many wonderful shops, and restaurants it had to offer. We entered our villa and once we had unpacked we set out to find a place to eat. We ended up in a tavern with nostalgic pictures inside and moose heads and antlers hanging on the wall. The dinner was topped off by an awesome apple tart desert. We decided to head home to the lodge to sleep because the following day we were going to cross-country ski.

That next morning the mist had gathered outside and as we looked across a giant cavern the mountain that was visible from our porch had a white cap. We got dressed and went to eat breakfast before skiing. Our breakfast spot had trains everywhere and model trains on tracks flew above our heads. I have to admit I ate quite a few carbohydrates but later I would discover they would come in handy. The snow had started to fall while inside and it made me restless to start our adventure.

I felt that I looked like a giant marshmallow as I climbed out of the car and into the ski place. We rented our skis, boots and poles, and with a hopeful heart we headed out to the ski. Cross-country skiing is good once you can latch your boots to your skis and providing you can stay in your track. My boyfriend, mother and I through a bit of trial and error finally got ourselves in a rhythm. We decided to take the path that lead into the forest. The skiing inside the forest and up and down the hiking trails was fantastic. The snow was lightly falling and the rivers and trees made it a beautiful landscape. We skied for several hours and when our legs and arms started to become numb we decided to turn back. image

We celebrated our success at another wonderful tavern. All of us felt a bit sluggish and when we returned back to our abode mom decided to rest while my boyfriend and I went to the outdoor hot tub. It was fantastic sitting outside and looking up at the stars. I was feeling sad that the next morning we would have to leave. The two of us regrettably returned to our lodge and started to pack up for the morning. I think once we all laid down we fell asleep instantly, the day had been fun but exhausting.

In the morning we got our bags packed and stared out the window at the sun shining brightly. It was warmer then the previous day and the warmth was a nice change. We ate breakfast at a beautiful place in downtown North Conway. When we had finally stuffed our stomachs full we started our drive home. While driving we glanced at the mountains and the melting snow. It looks like we chose the best time to go skiing. The Ides of March are a precarious thing but this past weekend they were in our favor. ❤️image

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