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Mr. Groundhog you were wrong!

Blog Update: Well that darn marmot was wrong! We were hit twice with a storm shortly after my last Blog post. It looks like I won’t be wearing tennis shoes for awhile. It was a pretty low key weekend considering the blizzard warning we were given. I spent most of it reading and listening to music, two things I always enjoy doing. I would occasionally glance outside and watch the snowflakes fall haphazardly on street lamps and cars. The snowscape that we were encased in reminded me of being inside a snow globe.

I know most people dislike the snow. In fact, people often leave areas prone to snow to live in warmer climates. I on the other hand enjoy the scenery of a snow covered ground. It reminds me of a white wedding dress, Mother Nature’s trousseau. It gives the surrounding area a soft blanket of pure white. I wasn’t able this year to get and take pictures. Last year we had exceptional snow storms including several blizzards. I was able to get out a few times and take photos of the landscape. When I happened on these pictures again it made me think of this storm. I think they are worth showcasing.


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