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Pumas and owls and soul food oh my!

February was a spontaneous little flirt this weekend. The usual cold brisk wind and grey looming clouds with snow cleared and made way for sunny blue skies. The temperature hit mid 50’s which for the North East is a rare phenomenon. When I woke up I opened the windows to the bright sun and rejoiced by moving my miniature herb garden closer to its heaven.

image My boyfriend and I celebrated by going out for a drive along the highway with the windows down. We drove to a small zoo and walked around looking at the animals sunning themselves on rocks and trees. The bobcat was coy and only peeked at us through a tree. The puma as graceful as he was, paced about climbing on the fallen trees in his cage. The black bears were sleeping in the sun with little smiles on their faces. I have to say my favorite was the owl who was sleeping in the corner and every once and awhile would open one eye for a status check. image

It was a wonderful day. The drive in the sun with the windows down made our Sunday dinner even more delicious that night. The previous week we had to postpone due to snow showers. The wait for my mom’s pot roast was worth it, as always she never disappoints. Then on Monday we drove up north to see my boyfriends aunt and uncle. We had a great afternoon of homemade meatballs, spaghetti and talking. These two days brightened my spirits more than any tangible gift ever could. I was happy to see on Groundhog day that Mr. Groundhog didn’t see his shadow. I have never put much stock in marmots and their effect on the weather but this year I am hoping he’s right! ❤️

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