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New Year Cliche

I have been ready for the New Year since the start of last month. Perhaps it was the minor car crash I got into the week of Thanksgiving that started it off? Or maybe it was the insane chaos at work that didn’t seem to end until New Years Eve? Or the holidays having their usual anxiety and over consumption of food? Either or any of these could be the catalyst but I think the actual reason is it finalizes the year. I’m not going to bore you with the “new year new me” shtick. The ending of last year and the start of this one allows for everyone who had set backs or plans on improvements to feel hopeful. Plain and simple. Even if that positivity only lasts a month. I am sure many people in life have wanted a second chance or a chance to start with a clean slate, the New Year is an iconic symbol of that. Sadly, yes I am no exception to this hope. But, when I evaluate the past pitfalls of the previous year or mistakes I have made I am realistic. I will always like cake, I drink coffee with too much sugar, and I will always enjoy a quiet evening at home. So my goals for this year are simple. I am going to continue forward, with the potential promise of good things to come. And frankly how can anyone expect more than that? ❤️ image

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