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Pinterest is addicting! I started out on a whim based on a conversation I had with a friend. On Pinterest, I found some recipes and ideas I liked for crafting.  My enjoyment for Pinterest has since escalated. Pinterest is by far one of my favorite search engines. I get a lot of ideas, tips, and inspiration from Pinterest especially at this time of year. One great recipe that I found on Pinterest is a recipe for Dark Chocolate Pecan Pie Bark. When I clicked on the post it brought me to the Ziplock website which had several great ideas for the holidays.

However being a chocolate caramel fan my original choice beat out the competition.

Ingredients are simple: soft caramels, dark chocolate chips, microwave safe bowl, parchment or wax paper, baking sheet, spatula, and pecans (or any nuts).


I don’t always have the best record when it comes to deserts but this was a great success!! This recipie is fun, easy, and yummy.

TIP: I followed the recipe exactly as far as using 16 oz dark chocolate chips and 15 caramel chews. In my opinion, there didn’t seem to be enough chocolate once it was melted. Also, the caramel seemed to still be sticky even though it was refrigerated for four hours. If you have plenty of time to let the caramel set then use the amount per the recipie. I think if you were in a rush it would be harder to package. The caramel was still sticky when I was placing it in bags for gifts.

Good luck and enjoy!! ❤️



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